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Exterior Building Washing

Facility owners and managers have utilized INSTA-BRITE‘s experience in performing many types of exterior building washing. Many schedule regular maintenance cleaning visits to removal of unsightly pollen, mold, mildew, and accumulated environmental staining. Since 1974, we’ve also developed great expertise on large scale restoration projects.


Exterior Building Washing Massachusetts

Working with owners, property managers, general contractors, or architects, INSTA-BRITE‘s professional approach will ensure your cleaning is performed most effectively and efficiently.

There are many types of buildings and surfaces that INSTA-BRITE has developed fantastic experience cleaning.  Here are just a few examples;

Pre-cast concrete Building Washing

From UMASS Amherst to a façade in Brookline.. pre-cast concrete surfaces are a very common surface used in the New England area.  While many people think concrete is not porous, it IS !!   Over time, these surfaces accumulate dirt, and mildew. INSTA-BRITE’s use of extremely hot water, along with the proper cleaning solutions results in terrific results for this building material.

Brick Buildings Pressure Washing

Here in northeast, brick buildings can be hundreds of years old!  Before cleaning, the brick and mortar needs to be assessed properly to ensure the proper techniques and cleaning solutions are used to ensure that the washing is performed with no detrimental effects on the surfaces being cleaned.  Many times, masonry companies utilize INSTA-BRITE’s expertise to clean buildings prior to repointing.

EIFS (stucco) or Dry-Vit Surfaces Building Washing

Over the past 2 decades, EIFS ( Exterior Insulation Finishing System) facades on buildings have been used extensively on retail, office, and even more recently on residential buildings.  Dry-Vit is a local (Rhode Island) large manufacturer of EIFS materiel that is very popular.  Architects and owners love this product since it’s much lighter and less expensive than other building products and design options are limitless.  The only issue is… that most EIFS surfaces has a “profile” or texture that allows dirt and moisture to accumulate.  Then, mildew occurs.  These surfaces CAN NOT be pressure washed, since by design they are thin and relatively soft.  Instead INSTA-BRITE uses very low pressures, typically soft washing them with HOT WATER, and the proper amount of diluted detergent.

Exterior Building Cleaning Mass New England

Building cleaning is something many facility or property managers don’t frequently think about.  However, exterior building cleaning is required regular maintenance on any type of building.

All types of surfaces required exterior building cleaning.  Brick, vinyl, concrete, metal, surfaces accumulate many types of grime.  Common mold and mildew, contaminants from the wind and rain, rusting building components, graffiti, and bird droppings are all unsightly accumulations that can be removed with periodic exterior building cleaning services.

The reasons for performing exterior building cleaning are many.  Dirty first appearances will affect the value of the building to potential buyers or renters.    Second, left unchecked, accumulations of rust or mold could affect the structural safety of the building and health of the owners or tenants.

Frequent graffiti problems of course, will not only be an eyesore required building cleaning, but the ongoing problem of continued tagging.     “Mold also breeds mold,” says David Friedman, President, Insta-Brite Mobile Washing, Inc., in Whitman, Massachusetts. “If it stays on for a long time, say on vinyl siding, it can get underneath and into the building, making it a health risk.”   Areas that accumulate bird droppings are another unsightly, damaging contaminant, than cause health risks if left unchecked.

You need to be careful when performing exterior building cleaning, so as not to risk damage to the building surfaces being cleaned.   You have to be very careful with power or pressure washing, though, because it can physically damage many materials and might can cause more problems than being solved by the cleaning effort

There are many different types of power washing equipment with different levels. Solutions to clean masonry would damage a metal surfaced building because metals have finishes on them and solutions for masonry could be acidic and might attack the metal on the building.

Using environmentally-friendly building cleaning products has become an important part of building maintenance. Some building cleaning companies are turning to products that are less harsh on the building materials, yet do the job. “We use Simple Green frequently; it does a great job,” says Friedman. “We like to avoid the use of acids on brick, especially hydrofluoric acid.”

Exterior building cleaning costs can vary widely, depending on a number of factors.   “We consider the height of the building; height inflates the cost because of access,” says Friedman. “We also consider how many days we need to be on site, safety precautions that need to be taken so no pedestrians are affected, and how much access we have to a building, etc.”

Commercial buildings should undergo a complete building cleaning at least every 10 to 20 years, but Friedman recommends an annual spring inspection.   “We don’t recommend complete annual building cleaning on typical commercial structures, but there may be spots that need cleaning annually”, says Friedman.

Spot building cleaning should be done with hot water and gentle soap. However, be warned that cleaning professionals are often repairing the damage done by non-professionals. “As more and more people become familiar with pressure washers, a washer in the hands of a non-professional can cause damage: lines in concrete, damage to windows and window frames. Leave it to the professionals who know how to moderate the amount of pressure used to minimize the risk of damage.”   When it comes to keeping your building clean, it’s important to focus on the exterior just as much as you focus on the interior.

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