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Frequently Asked Questions – House and Roof Washing

What surfaces are included in the “standard” house washing?

While each customer is unique and might have specific requirements, the standard quoted house wash includes the entire exterior of the house – from the exterior of the gutters, the soffits (downward-facing surfaces), all of the siding, the exposed foundation, and the front steps. Extras, which of course can be added, include decks, fencing, roofs, shed, patio, walkways, pool decks, interior of gutters, etc.

How much will it cost?

Typical standard exterior house washes are $300-$500. Obviously, there are smaller houses and larger ones. The easiest for us to clean are vinyl siding, the most difficult (time-consuming) are natural wood shingle. Houses do fall into categories, so when you call, we might be able to give you pricing right over the phone. Ask any questions or for any particulars you would like! We aim to leave you completely satisfied!

Won’t pressure washing damage my siding or my roof?

We call ourselves “mobile washers” instead of power washers. We always use the least amount of pressure to do the job – significantly more pressure on concrete pool decks than on vinyl siding, roofs, or stained surfaces. We use a bit more than your garden hose, but much less than you’d think. Hot water, the right cleaning solutions, and prudence do the job best.

Screens/Air Conditioners: Leave in or take out?

We tell customers to leave everything in place. The windows get a good thorough rinsing right through the screens, and the screens get a good cleaning, removing dust, bugs, pollen, right in place. Air conditioners are not a problem, since we’re careful rinsing around them. If they do “leak” during a rainstorm, we suggest putting some old rags along the inside while we’re washing.

Do I have to be home when my house is washed, and how long will it take?

You absolutely do not need to be home when our professionals come to wash your home! All you need to do is to keep ALL OF YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS SECURELY CLOSED. Go out and do your thing!

Obviously, the size of the house, and the specific scope of what we’re doing determines the time it takes… but generally houses can be washed in a couple of hours.

How often should my house be washed?

We get this question ALL of the time! Our answer is… as often as YOU think it needs it. It’s a matter of preference and, of course, how dirty your house gets. People wash their windows and cars with varied frequencies. So while the typical house may go 2 or 3 years between washings, some of our customers do wash annually.

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