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Graffiti Removal

Solving your graffiti problem involves quickly removing the marked surfaces without damage. Removal of graffiti is performed using the mildest process possible, using specifically designed chemicals when necessary. For durable stone or brick surfaces, a process of wet sandblasting might be used. This method offers the benefit of added cleaning power without the abrasiveness of traditional sandblasting.

It is important for us to understand as much as possible about your particular situation. Repetitive graffiti problems might call for another solution, as repetitive removal of graffiti from any surface will eventually have some detrimental effects on the cleaned surface. If your building(s) are being targeted frequently, INSTA-BRITE might recommend what is called a “sacrificial” coating. The concept is that once the invisible, wax-based coating is applied, graffiti sprayed on the coating will not penetrate the surface of the building. Typically, the marks can then be removed using hot water only, having no effect on the building surface. With use of the coating, Insta-Brite offers a graffiti protection program which ensures that any graffiti is removed on an agreed-upon schedule.

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  • INSTA-BRITE has done work for me a number of times. Their prices are reasonable and their workers are very courteous. I highly recommend them.

    – John M., Scituate, MA
  • Thank you for a fantastic job! We will highly recommend you!

    – John & Lauren S., Abington, MA
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