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Exterior House/Condo Washing

Many of us spend hours ensuring that our lawns and gardens look terrific. More and more, people are realizing the benefits of actually washing the outside of the house! All wood, vinyl, and aluminum surfaces around the house can be cleaned to look great! Years of accumulating mold, mildew, environmental staining, and “weathering” can be removed. Power washing is the most effective preparation for a long-lasting paint job. Cleaning is always performed with the utmost care to your most valuable possession, and houses are almost always completed in one day.

Multi-family Housing Pressure Washing Massachusetts

Multi-family complexes have many management challenges. Keeping enough money in the reserve for major investments like roofing, plowing, parking lot maintenance are only a few of the responsibilities that managers or trustees have to balance.

One other task that faces residential property managers is the proper exterior maintenance of the buildings and roofs. Cleaning these surfaces properly can avoid future costly repairs down the road.

Residents understand, too that the way a building complex looks from the outside says a lot about the way the interiors may be maintained. Realtors and all retailers have long understood the value of “curb appeal”.

Pressure Washing Apartment Complex

So, while competition for budget dollars in a condo complexes annual operations is fierce, the appearance of the complex must rank high. First impressions of the condo apartment complex community go a long way towards the value of each unit. Both the exterior siding, awnings, and the roofs are the first impression visitors get of the property. Even the walkways and retaining wall should be maintained properly.

The most effective way to maintain these surfaces is to hire a professional pressure washing company. Using the correct company to perform the work is the key to any successful commercial cleaning project. The company should be experienced and knowledgeable about the surfaces you have in your complex. The company should have references, a great safety record, and have capacity to perform the work in a timely fashion. Be sure the company is properly insured and has handled large commercial cleaning projects in the recent past.

Condominium Pressure Washing

Condominium housing pressure washing or condo power washing is a large project, so hiring a company you can trust and feel comfortable with is a good start. Budget, of course is always a concern. Many say to hire the lowest bidding company, but managers need to be careful. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. A company that has the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to finish the project and give you the results you expect, but is a little more expensive, might be the right choice to hire.

Professional commercial power washing is a critical function to the proper management of any to any multi-unit condo style property and the key is to hire the right company and to have the cleaning performed.

Home Deck Cleaning or Deck Pressure Washing

We all enjoy the beauty of our outside decks however many people don’t know the required maintenance of an exterior deck.  This article will describe the guidelines to use when performing deck cleaning or deck washing.

There are two basic types of decks; composite and wood.   The process for cleaning each is not that different.  The best method for cleaning decks is using a pressure washer with no more than 1500 psi (pound per square inch) of pressure with a detergent that will help remove the years of accumulated dirt, weathering, mold and mildew.

Let’s start with the equipment.  The reason a pressure washer is the best tool is that, simply, if used properly, it provides the fastest, most effective method for deck cleaning.   If possible, if you have access to a hot water source, or a hot water pressure washer, that is the best method for deck washing.

Of course, if you use too much pressure when cleaning the deck, you will damage the deck.  Many people think that composite decking is so durable that no amount of pressure can damage it.  This is untrue.  Too much pressure on a composite deck will damage it beyond repair.   The same is true for wood decking.  Too much pressure when performing deck washing on a wood deck will “tear” into and permanently break the fibers of the wood. Obviously, not the objective when trying to just clean the deck to make it look better.   When cleaning the deck, using the least amount of pressure to get the job done is suggested.

The key to minimizing pressure is by using a fan tip of at least 15 degrees. 25 degree tips are actually the best to use.  They provide a nice spread of the pressure coming out of the pressure washer.    When washing the deck, just know that you should have the pressure washing tip as close as necessary to wash approximately one board of the decking material with each “pass” of the pressure washer.  Always wash with or along the grain of the wood or composite material as much as possible to avoid making lines across the grain.

Next, the cleaning solution for deck washing.  Any type of alkaline detergent is okay mixed with a small amount of diluted bleach.  Bleach is effective in that it will kill the growths of mold, mildew, and algae.  The process of using bleach for deck cleaning is the same as for doing the laundry.  First pre-soak all surrounding areas including the house, vegetation, and everything else in the area.  Then you’ll need to pre-soak the area of the deck to be cleaned with water.  Then apply the cleaning solution to the first area to be cleaned.  Only try to wash a small, maybe 5’ x 10’ area of the deck at a time.  Do a little agitation (with the pressure washer or a deck brush), and then carefully clean the deck.  After cleaning each area of the deck, a thorough rinsing of all cleaned surfaces is required.  You can’t use too much water in this process as the final step in proper deck washing. Rinse, rinse, rinse.

If you follow these steps when deck washing, you’ll be able to keep your deck looking great for a long time.

Siding Power Washing Boston Massachusetts

Homeowners realize that when they invest in vinyl siding, the only maintenance is needs it periodic cleaning or power washing. Obviously, the siding needs a lower level of maintenance than wood siding, however in order to maintain its appearance, the siding needs to be cleaned to continue to look as good as it should.

Like any exterior surface, vinyl gets dirty over time. Environmental dirt, birds, trees, and mold and mildew all cling on to the vinyl surfaces. If your siding gets cleaned periodically, it will always look at good as it the day it was put on for many, many years.

Cleaning your siding not only helps it look good, but helps to maintain the surface so that it doesn’t oxidize or fade. Of course, also cleaning the surface helps to maintain the overall property value of the home.

Siding cleaning is generally less expensive than most homeowners believe. Professionals can usually clean a vinyl sided house in several hours. For a typical home, siding cleaning should be less than $500. Sometimes to clean the siding on a smaller house, the cost can be in the $300 range.

There are some risks associated with hiring less than professional companies to wash your siding. First, a company using too much pressure could damage your siding. Water could get pushed up and under the siding getting the insulation underneath wet, and ultimately causing mildew and mold. Water in the wrong areas can also cause electrical issues.

Or, too much pressure when washing the siding could cause the siding to come off its tracks. Also, too much pressure could cause damage to other nearby surfaces, like wood window frames, doors, landscaping, or even the windows. Working off ladders is also a risky proposition. Hire a contractor to clean the vinyl siding who is experienced.

The more professional siding cleaners take care of your home. They will remove any really breakable items prior to starting the siding cleaning project.

The solutions to use when cleaning siding are simple. Any alkaline detergent works fine. Typically cleaning siding also includes use a bleach product. When used correctly, it is the fastest way to remove accumulated mildew. Again, when used correctly.

Cleaning solutions are properly applied from the bottom up. This way the dirty siding has soap directly on it before dirty water gets on it. Using a soft bristled brush also helps to remove the dirt from the exterior of gutters and the siding. Each area of thte siding should be thoroughly rinsed before the cleaning solution dries.

It is a pretty simple process to clean siding on most homes. However, it makes sense to hire a professional siding cleaning company to make sure the vinyl is cleaned safely and there are no problems. The vinyl siding on the home can be maintained to look new for decades if properly cleaned periodically.

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