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Sidewalk/Storefront Cleaning

Many plaza owners and managers maintain the attractiveness of their properties through regularly scheduled cleaning of sidewalks, storefronts, canopies, and facades.

Plaza owners take pride in ensuring that their shopping plazas are attractive places to all visitors.  The curb appeal ensures that tenants, the rent payers of the plaza are well served well.

What gets cleaned in Sidewalk/Storefront Pressure Washing Massachusetts?

Bus stops, leaking trash barrels, sitting areas, high pedestrian traffic areas , awnings, canopies, storefronts, dumpster areas are common targets for our services.   Accumulated dirt, gum, soda, and cigarette stains are removed using very hot water, prudent amounts of pressure, and detergents only as necessary.  All surfaces on retail buildings might require simple aesthetic cleaning throughout the year: vinyl, clapboard, DRY-VIT (EIFS), signage, aluminum window frames, and brick.

How INSTA-BRITE cleans sidewalks and storefronts at shopping centers in Massachusetts

Typically, ALL of the commercial sidewalk, storefront, awning cleaning services are scheduled  on an overnight basis. This scheduling ensures that the required work is performed with no inconvenience to any tenant or customer.  It also allows for the most efficient cleaning, since the work can be performed without interruptions and minimizing travel time.

INSTA-BRITE custom builds our proprietary hot water power washers.  These reliable pieces of equipment heat the water to approximately 180 degrees, and approximately 6 gallons per minute !  Using this very hot water enables INSTA-BRITE to perform the required cleaning using a minimum amount of chemicals and pressure.  As necessary, specialized cleaning agents are used to remove hard water stains, heavy grease areas, mold and mildew accumulations, and other difficult stains.

Each INSTA-BRITE night truck can carry approximately 1000 gallons of water on board.  So, many times we are self-sufficient and do not need access to water on site to perform the required cleaning services.

Who performs the sidewalk / storefront/ awning cleaning services:

INSTA-BRITE has a full staff of night pressure washers.  They are highly trained, professional in-house employees who have an average of 7 years of experience washing sidewalks and storefronts at shopping centers. We travel to all states in  New England and parts of upstate New York performing these services for supermarkets, plaza owners, and property managers.

  • Browse our before-and-after photos of INSTA-BRITE sidewalk and storefont projects!

  • INSTA-BRITE has done work for me a number of times. Their prices are reasonable and their workers are very courteous. I highly recommend them.

    – John M., Scituate, MA
  • Thank you for a fantastic job! We will highly recommend you!

    – John & Lauren S., Abington, MA
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